Monthly Archives: January, 2021

Unions in 2020: membership is down, but share of workforce is up

Union members continue to out-earn nonunion workers—19.4% more, on average. And Oregon now ties with California as the 7th most unionized.

Oregon’s prevailing wage law investigated

A new study finds that Oregon's prevailing wage law raises the wages of workers on public construction projects, but not the project cost.

Local cement mason competes in Season 2 of the CBS reality show Tough as Nails

Liz Nichols, a seven-year member of the Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons union, is one of 12 contestants on the show.

Eugene Register-Guard outsources its union printing operation

Eugene's once-great Register-Guard has seen rapid decline since its family owners sold it in 2018—and waves of staff cuts and outsourcing.

Oregon Justice Department says legislative workers can’t unionize

Legislative aides don’t have the right to unionize after all, says Oregon's Attorney General in objections on behalf of the Legislature.

OHSU Hillsboro hospital workers unionize

The group of 448 workers voted more than 2-1 to unionize with Oregon AFSCME. The hospital says it will work collaboratively with the union.

Biden names former union leader as nominee for labor secretary

If confirmed by the newly-seated Democratic Senate, Marty Walsh would be the first union member to serve as labor secretary since 1977.

PGE’s new windfarm: union-built

When complete, the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility will be one of the nation’s largest wind/solar/battery combinations.

Myers re-elected to represent Building Trades

Construction is booming. The challenge is to capture the billions still in the pipeline for union contractors and the members they employ.

Unions worry layoffs could be coming in City permitting bureau

Jobs reviewing plans and inspecting buildings may be at risk because a drop in construction activity and related permit fees.

Environmental groups say green jobs need to pay a living wage

At least 16 groups have signed a letter to senators supporting a call by the Oregon State Building Trades Council for "high-road" standards.

January 6, 2021: We must never forget

Our democracy suffered a serious attack on January 6. We cannot ignore the lawmakers who encouraged or participated in the insurrection.

Not your father’s credit union

IBEW & United Workers credit union was developed by union trades seeking a way to invest union wages in a union-run financial institution.