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Labor headlines from the December 20, 2002, edition of the Northwest Labor Pres

Kulongoski appoints Hallock a senior policy adviser
Governor-elect Ted Kulongoski has appointed Margaret Hallock as a senior policy adviser on his staff.

Resolution to Sizemore case delayed for months

Resolution to the teachers unions' lawsuit against Bill Sizemore's Oregon Taxpayers United's organizations was delayed several months further Dec. 9 when Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Jerome LaBarre ordered the unions to re-file their request for damages using a different legal procedure.

Steelworkers hopeful Colorado dispute may end at Oregon Steel

For years it seemed the Colorado dispute between the United Steelworkers of America and Oregon Steel Mills was in deep freeze. Now, in its sixth year, the conflict may be thawing. The two parties have begun to meet again, and union leaders say they are hopeful a settlement may be on its way.

Striking UAW workers hope for accord with Williams Control

The union reports not a single worker has crossed the picket line since the strike began on Sept. 9.

BULL Session donates $300,000 to charities

On Dec. 11, 10 charities were presented with $300,000 from the BULL (Business Union Legislative Leaders) Session golf tournament and auction.

Workers, unions and community succeed in recalling Lincoln County school board members

After suffering disrespect and threats to privatize their jobs from the local school board, school employees in Lincoln County, Oregon, organized and won the board members' removal.

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