November 21, 2008 Volume 109 Number 22

Unions say stimulus package needs cash for infrastructure
Labor is pushing Congress to enact a second stimulus package during the lame-duck session that started Nov. 17.

[Left, Portland Mayor-elect Sam Adams introduces Commissioner Randy Leonard, U.S. Sen.-elect Jeff Merkley and U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden at an event promoting a second federal stimulus package.]

Labor trounces Bill Sizemore proposals ... again
Persistent labor antagonist Bill Sizemore may have intended to overwhelm Oregon unions with scattershot proposals this year, but union campaigners say the measures ended up energizing and unifying the union movement, and even firmed up organized labor’s alliances with other groups.

Union members made a difference Nov. 4
Unions made a difference Nov. 4. The AFL-CIO spent an estimated $53 million on the election, and member unions spent an additional $200 million. About 4,000 paid staff worked on the AFL-CIO mobilization nationwide to inform union members on issues and candidates and getting them out to vote. National union offices closed down as staff headed out to battleground states to do political work.

Labor’s Election Day scorecard
Organized labor enjoyed one of its biggest election night victories in decades. The Oregon AFL-CIO took action in 65 federal, state, legislative races, and ballot measures in the general election —and 94 percent emerged as the winner (or loser, in the case of ballot measures the labor federation opposed).
DHL closure impacts Oregon Teamsters; layoffs hurt other unions
About 100 members of Portland-based Teamsters Local 162 will lose their jobs when delivery giant DHL Express discontinues air and ground operations Jan. 30.