Labor headlines from the September 21, 2001, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Oregon AFL-CIO convention trudges forward following news of terrorist attacks on U.S.

As they considered resolutions, upcoming political activity and organizing campaigns, the thoughts of delegates were clearly on the victims of the vicious terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., that had taken place that morning.

Gubernatorial candidates court convention delegates

Three Democratic gubernatorial candidates and one Republican responded to questions from a panel of union officials during an extended interview at the 46th annual convention of the Oregon AFL-CIO.

Home care campaign by Local 503 nears completion

Oregon Public Employees Union, expects to file for election within two months with the Oregon Employment Relations Board.

Portland cabbies stage wildcat strike at Broadway Cab

In a series of job actions that began Sept. 4, over 100 taxi drivers at Broadway Cab are opposing a money grab by the company that they say they won't stand for.

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