September 17, 2010 Volume 111 Number 18
September 17, 2010 Volume 111 Number 16

‘Union 'Jobs Tour' comes to Portland, Vancouver
Painters and Machinists leaders came to town to support politicians pledging job creation.

[Left: the Jobs Tour bus.]

New hand at the helm of Columbia Pacific Building Trades
At a special business managers' meeting, IBEW member Paul Riggs was elected executive secretary-treasurer of the Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council.

Free trade deal with Korea will cost U.S. jobs
President Obama is asking Congress to approve the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement — the biggest NAFTA-style trade treaty since NAFTA.  
Obama hasn’t lived up to campaign promises on trade
There was a moment during the 2008 presidential campaign when an American union worker could believe Barack Obama would chart a new course on trade policy. Those hopes have faded.
Portland French School broke law to fight union
The National Labor Relations Board says Portland French School committed multiple violations of U.S. labor law in its fight against a unionizing campaign. Earlier this year, teachers and other employees at the private French language school announced their intention to join American Federation of Teachers.
What Obama could do for workers without Congress
With support from labor organizations, the think tank Demos has teamed up with The American Prospect magazine to figure out what Obama can do — without waiting for Congress — to create good living-wage jobs.
DeFazio tells Building Trades: More infrastructure investment needed
At the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council convention in Roseburg, U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio asked for labor’s help making the case that more public investment is needed to pull the country out of the Great Recession.
Oregon AFL-CIO youth group gets official start
Close to 40 active members from at least 13 union locals met Aug. 28 in Portland, and not one of them was over 40 years of age.
SEIU locals back Collymore
Services Employees International Union Locals 49 and 503 have endorsed Karol Collymore for Multnomah County commissioner.