August 6, 2004  Volume 105 Number 15

DeFazio asks Bush-Cheney to give back Enron’s ‘dirty money’
The day Dick Cheney came to Oregon, Rep. Peter DeFazio questioned the relationship between the Bush Administration and Enron.

[Left: Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio rips into Enron as IBEW Local 125 member Alan Kasewater looks on.]

Democratic platform backs right to organize
The Democratic Party has put itself solidly and strongly behind the right to organize, which gratified the 800 or more union delegates to its National Convention in Boston.

Comcast systematically squeezing out unions
In two years, the nationÁs largest cable company has cut in half the number of unionized units.
Oregon AFL-CIO COPE to weigh merits of Measure 35
In a battle between doctors and lawyers, do workers have a side? That question will confront the Oregon AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) when it meets Friday, Aug. 13, to decide whether to take a position on Measure 35 and other initiatives on the Nov. 2 ballot in Oregon.

Congress okays NAFTA-like deals with Australia and Morocco
In July, the U.S. Congress passed two more trade agreements that were opposed by organized labor, despite a late-breaking controversy about provisions that will make it harder for Americans to re-import low-cost pharmaceuticals.

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