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August 1, 2003  Volume 104 Number 15
PERS battle cry: 'A deal is a deal'
Oregon public employee unions filed two lawsuits July 22 seeking to overturn a pair of laws signed in May by Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski that changed the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).
“Our battle cry is ‘A deal is a deal,’” said attorney Greg Hartman, pictured left, who represents a group of 13 public employee unions ... MORE

Oregon lawmakers defy labor, vote for free trade agreements
Over the strong objections of organized labor, two new NAFTA-like trade treaties were approved July 24 by the U.S. House of Representatives: one with Chile, and one with Singapore. The Senate was considered likely to vote on the agreements before Aug. 1, and observers predicted passage.
AFL-CIO files initiatives proposing health care for all kids in Oregon
The Oregon AFL-CIO has filed two versions of a proposed ballot initiative that will guarantee health care for all children in Oregon under the age of 19.
Bill would help put ‘Made in Oregon’ back on license plates
Oregon law already provides a preference for in-state firms that engage in printing, binding and stationery work — a concept which makes sense for the production of license plates as well, said Oregon AFL-CIO president Tim Nesbitt.

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