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July 4, 2003  Volume 104 Number 13

First contract for 13,000 homecare workers
A tentative deal has been reached in Oregon’s first collective bargaining agreement for in-home caregivers that includes pay raises, health insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.

Elated home care workers crowd around the bargaining table after reaching a first-ever agreement with the State of Oregon that wins them wage increases, health care coverage, and workers compensation.

Drug companies bilk U.S. consumers, author says
Health care reporter Katharine Greider, who spent a year investigating the pharmaceutical industry at the request of the national AFL-CIO, told the Oregon chapter of the union-affiliated Alliance for Retired Americans that drug companies won't be able to buy public good will as long as drug prices are maiming the pocketbooks of growing numbers of Americans.
State workers reach 11th-hour deal
Negotiators from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services and Oregon’s largest state workers’ union reached a tentative agreement early in the morning Sunday, June 29 on a new two-year contract covering 17,300 state workers.
Workers at John Day’s Blue Mountain Hospital push to join AFSCME
It’s the first union organizing drive in some time to come to John Day, an Eastern Oregon town of 1,800 inhabitants located 120 miles south of Pendleton.
ILWU reaches accord for MERC security staff
Pressure from labor and its allies has helped the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 28 secure a first contract with the Metropolitan Exposition-Recreation Commission on behalf of 39 security guards who oversee the Oregon Convention Center and other Metro-operated venues.

Carpenters walk out in Western and Central Washington
Construction work came to a screeching halt in Western and Central Washington June 25 when some 8,000 members of the Carpenters Union went on strike.
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