Labor headlines from the July 21, 2000, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Asst. police chief meets with labor council to discuss 'May Day Melee'

The Portland Police Bureau doesn't have on its agenda plans to start cracking down on labor rallies and demonstrations, a top cop told Executive Board members of the Northwest Oregon Labor Council.

Labor and religious leaders renew alliance to help working poor

In Portland and around the country, unions are looking to religious leaders and church members as allies in struggles for justice.

Oregon labor movement gears up for major election effort

To beat back attacks by ballot measure bogeyman Bill Sizemore, Oregons labor movement is gearing up a voter registration, education, and mail-in-the-vote campaign that will likely outstrip anything it has done in the past.

After 22-month ordeal, Steelworkers approve pay-raise deal to end Kaiser feud

By a 1,681 to 601 vote, members of United Steelworkers of America approved on July 13 a deal that will bring to a close their 22-month dispute with Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation.

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