July 20, 2007 Volume 108 Number 14

Machinists end strike, sign three-year contract
Members of Machinists Lodge 1005 ended a week-long strike at Freightliner July 9 by ratifying a new three-year contract that includes successor and severance language should the company sell or close down. The vote to accept was 461-153..

[Left, members of Machinists Lodge 1005 cast ballots on a new contract proposal.]

Major victory for labor: Democratic House torpedoes trade deals
House Democratic leaders announced June 29 they will not reauthorize "fast track." Nor will they ratify the trade deals President Bush negotiated with Colombia or South Korea. And in two other trade agreements, with Peru and Panama, the president gave unions what they've been asking for — workers' rights will have the same standing as investors' rights.

Construction unions voice support for liquefied natural gas terminal
NorthernStar Natural Gas has pledged to sign a project labor agreement if the proposed Bradwood Landing liquid natural gas terminal wins approval to be built near Astoria.

Letter Carriers’ new pact may slow outsourcing
The U.S. Postal Service is contracting out mail delivery at a new apartment complex in Hillsboro, Oregon, even though a union challenge has yet to be resolved over a decision to privatize deliveries in Beaverton. But a new national contract settlement may slow down any further plans to privatize city delivery.
Lawmakers nibble around edges trying to fix health care
About 650,000 Oregonians have no health insurance. Three million other Oregonians have health insurance, but at a greater and greater cost, to someone — employers, government, or themselves — every year. What did Oregon lawmakers do this year about this institutional crisis?
Labor planning ballot measure strategy to counter Sizemore
Several Oregon labor organizations are already planning ballot measure strategy for November 2008. Partly, that's to counter frequent union foe Bill Sizemore, who is more active than he’s been for years. But unions will also consider proactive strategy initiatives organized labor can help get on the ballot to move the agenda forward for working people.

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