Labor headlines from the July 2, 1999, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

To promote workers' right to organize, Portland unionists take 'Freedom Tour' at PDX
About 75 people turned out at the Portland International Airport June 24 to highlight good and bad employers as part of a nationwide series of actions.

The broken promise of U.S labor law: After 50 years of labor attempts at reform, where do unions go from here?

The limitations of U.S. labor law have become more pronounced over the last 60 years, such that unions today have to work around the law or use it as a tactic in a broader strategy.

Oregon AFL-CIO will seek special assessment to fight 'right-to-work'

A resolution at the September convention will ask unions to pay 30 cents a month per member

Oregon AFL-CIO keeps Pac/West on Unfair/Do Not Patronize List

The company was placed on the Unfair/Do Not patronize List in 1997 after it contracted with a business group to lobby for tip-credit exemptions at the Oregon Legislature.

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