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Labor headlines from the June 7, 2002, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Union voters help put candidates over top in May primary
Union voters helped put Ted Kulongoski over the top in the Democratic primary for governor and elected the state's next labor commissioner, Dan Gardner, and a new state superintendent of public instruction, Susan Castillo.

With NW senators' approval 'Fast track' passes Senate
In what looked like a major defeat for organized labor, the U.S. Senate on May 23 voted 66 to 30 to give the president "fast-track" negotiating authority.

Labor plays major role in founding Metro Alliance for Common Good
The group is the product of years of discussions among leaders from churches, unions, and community organizations.

Oregon Bus Project targets electing Democrats to the State Legislature
Using a recently purchased 1978 touring coach and volunteer labor from union bus drivers, the project will take volunteers out for a dozen day-long blitzes of canvassing and community service in Źswing” legislative districts.

NLRB judge rules Kaiser lockout of Steelworkers illegal
If the decision stands, Kaiser owes the workers what the union says could be $100 million in back pay and damages. It gave that figure to a bankruptcy court overseeing Kaiser's finances.

It's official, Leonard will run for Portland City Council
Portland firefighter and state representative Randy Leonard announced May 30 that he will resign his legislative seat to run for Portland City Council.

Office and Professional Employees Local 11 enters new chapter
Nearly 170 members turned out for the swearing in of Debbie Sluyter as chief executive officer of Office and Professional Employees Local 11; Sluyter defeated Gary Kirkland in an election held in April.

PGE responds to union grievance with lawsuit
Members of Electrical Workers Local 125 put up informational picket lines at Portland General Electric facilities in the Portland metropolitan area May 31 to protest a lawsuit the company has filed against the union.

Sizemore files anti-union ballot measure
The measure, a rewrite of the "paycheck deception" measures he sponsored unsuccessfully two years ago, would restrict the use of payroll-deducted funds by unions and other organizations that seek to represent their members in the political process.

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