June 18, 2004  Volume 105 Number 12

Striking Utah miners tour Northwest seeking help from union members
Utah coal miners Juan Salazar and Alyson Kennedy came to Portland June 9 with a story to tell.

[Left: Utah coal miners Juan Salazar and Alyson Kennedy, on tour to build support for their strike.]

‘First responders’ respond to secret Bush plans for budget cuts
Local unions representing workers who would be “first responders” in the event of a terrorist attack gathered outside a Portland fire station June 2 to denounce plans by the Bush Administration to cut the budget for homeland security defense — after the November 2004 election.

Waterfront Project seeks more diversity in construction
New amendments to the development agreement for the South Waterfront Central District Project include a Workforce Diversity Strategy aimed at increasing the participation of ethnic minorities and women in Portland-area union construction trades and professions.
AFL-CIO puts Wiederhorn, Fog Cutter on Unfair List
The CEO, who had dealings with Capital Consultants, pleads guilty to two felony counts.

SEIU 503 loses election at Oregon Judicial Department
Oregon Judicial Department management made it clear to employees that it was not in favor of the union drive, and in the final weeks before the election, managers encouraged all employees to vote.

Sizemore shifts his anti-union campaign to the local level
Bill Sizemore has found a new outlet for his anti-union obsession. Instead of pursuing measures to restrict the use of union dues for political representation at the state level, he has filed 17 anti-union initiatives in cities and counties around Oregon.

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