Labor headlines from the April 4, 2003, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Anti-union Wal-Mart challenging UFCW
After decades in basic retail, energetically anti-union Wal-Mart has become the biggest competitor to union-represented grocery stores.

Labor picks four candidates for Portland School Board

Over the past two weeks, candidates Eamon Molloy, David Wynde, John Ball and Richard Garrett have been endorsed by the independent Portland Association of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers-Portland Federation of Teachers and Classified Employees Local 111, the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, the Columbia-Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council and the District Council of Unions.

Minimum wage under attack in Oregon House

A debate over the state minimum wage has flared up again in the State Capitol, with the Oregon Restaurant Association and Oregon Farm Bureau leading the charge to fight automatic cost-of-living increases that voters in a majority of all legislative districts approved last November.

Oregon lawmakers extend unemployment insurance

A bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits for long-term jobless workers passed the Oregon Legislature this week and was quickly signed by Governor Ted Kulongoski.

Retirees group holds founding convention

On March 28, more than 75 retirees gathered at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland for the founding convention of the Oregon Chapter of the Association of Retired Americans, a senior organization established a year ago by the AFL-CIO and community-based groups to help mobilize senior citizens politically around such issues as prescription drugs, Medicare and Social Security.

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