Labor headlines from the April 21, 2000, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Labor to remember workers killed on the job
Each year more than 60,000 workers die from job injuries and illnesses and another 6 million are injured.

OSHA hearings will stress need for workplace ergonomics standard

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) West Coast hearings on proposed ergonomic protections for workers will open in Portland, Monday, April 24, with testimony from the Oregon AFL-CIO, Washington State Labor Council, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Oregon Council 75, Service Employees International Union and Painters District Council 5.

New global economy holds peril for American workers, Marshall warns

Former U.S. Labor Secretary Ray Marshall was in Portland April 5 to make a point: All is not well for workers in the new global economy.

Workers face debilitating exposure to countless pesticides on the job

As many as 9,000 pesticides are currently in use in the United States, ranging from highly-toxic organophosphates to pyrethrin - an extract of the chrysanthemum plant. In 1999, the Oregon Legislature passed a law that's supposed to shed some light on what pesticides are being applied, but it won't begin to take effect until 2002 and the details are still being worked out by an appointed committee.

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