April 2, 2004  Volume 105 Number 7

Beer distributor Unfair
Should Budweiser remain the choice of union beer drinkers? Not in Portland, say Teamsters Local 162 leaders, who've tried 14 months to get a contract for the workers who distribute it. Left, Trailblazers VP J. Isaac reads a flier given out by Teamsters leader Phil Muter outside the Rose Garden arena.

OPEIU Local 11 ratifies five-year Çjoint accordÁ at Northwest Natural
Members of Office and Professional Employees Local 11 ratified a new five-year “joint accord” March 24 at Northwest Natural that guarantees no layoffs, full maintenance of benefits the first two years, and wage hikes of 12 to nearly 24 percent for a few over the life of the agreement.

Oregon AFL-CIO issues endorsements for May 18 primary
Candidates seeking labor’s endorsement were required to complete an eight-page questionnaire outlining their positions on issues such as prevailing wage, right-to-work and minimum wage laws. They also were asked to sign a pledge supporting a “statement of principles” that all workers be entitled to freedom of association.
Francesconi, Leonard win NOLC backing
The Northwest Oregon Labor Council has endorsed Jim Francesconi for mayor of Portland and Randy Leonard for City Council. Most of NOLC’s attention, however, was directed at the race for Francesconi’s vacant council seat. Two men are in a heated battle for the post — labor attorney Nick Fish and former Katz aide Sam Adams. Meanwhile, the Portland Association of Teachers and the Portland Police Association announced their endorsement of Jim Francesconi for mayor of Portland.

Machinists Çpre-approveÁ strike at Freightliner yard
More than 450 of the Machinists union’s 830 members employed at Portland-based Freightliner turned out for a meeting March 27 to discuss bargaining issues and formulate a negotiating plan. By an overwhelming majority, members voted to give “preliminary strike vote authority” to union leaders as they prepare for negotiations with Freightliner Corp.

Classifieds at Portland Public Schools ratify two-year contract
The two-year agreement provides for wage increases of 4 percent retroactive to November 2003 and another 4 percent increase effective July 2004.



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