Labor headlines from the April 16, 1999, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Labor to remember workers killed on the job
Decades of struggle by workers and their unions have resulted in significant improvements in working conditions, but the toll of workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths remains enormous.

Sawyer to run for secretary-treasurer of AFL-CIO

UFCW's Sawyer forms a slate with AFSCME's Devlaeminck to run for secretary-treasurer and president, respectively

Klamath Falls millionaire pushes 'JOBS Plus' agenda

A tussle over unemployment and welfare benefits has broken out in Salem: on one side, organized labor and the governor; on the other, Klamath Falls State Representative Steve Harper and millionaire Richard L. Wendt.

Bus drivers walk out in protests

Nearly 60 bus operators who work for Laidlaw Inc. under contract with the City of Corvallis and the Corvallis School District went on strike for a second time April 5.

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