April 15, 2011 Volume 112 Number 8

Dosha workers unite
Dosha Salon and Spa became the first local business of its kind to unionize March 30 when hair stylists, massage therapists, nail, makeup, and other workers voted 79 to 66 to join CWA 7901.

[Left: Dosha employees celebrate the news that their union is supported by a majority of their co-workers.]

Thousands gather in Pacific Northwest for 'We Are One' rallies
Plans to sharply curtail collective bargaining for public employees have generated a political backlash as hundreds of thousands of working people massed in more than 1,000 cities April 2-8 to rally, leaflet, and march for workers' rights.

US Bank gets use of state funds, but nicks unemployed with fees
SEIU Local 503 went public last month with an effort to shame US Bank for charging ATM fees to unemployed workers and single parents. US Bancorp has a contract with the State of Oregon to make unemployment benefits and court-ordered child support payments available to recipients.

Labor scrambles to find ways to lessen state budget cuts
There are signs Oregonians would rather see some taxes increased than watch wholesale cuts to education, public safety and social services. But Republican House leaders not only oppose state revenue increases, but are calling for capital gains tax cuts and leaving over $400 million unspent in reserves.

Special issue: Worker health and safety

The most dangerous jobs in America
Fishers, loggers, and airplane pilots have the most dangerous jobs in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while construction and transportation and warehousing occupations had the most deaths overall per sector.

Work-related fatalities drop in Oregon, spike in Washington
Seventeen workers were killed on the job in Oregon in 2010, and 86 workers in Washington, according to state occupational safety and health agencies.

Ergonomics consultants help prevent injuries
Oregon OSHA staff visit offices, factories, bus yards, and other workplaces to make recommendations on how to prevent ergonomic injuries. The Labor Press asked them to identify some of the most common ergonomic hazards they find.

Judge rules on Sizemore suit against unions
A circuit court judge has ruled against anti-union ballot measure sponsor Bill Sizemore in his lawsuit against people who called him a "racketeer." "The court finds that it could be reasonably inferred that Bill Sizemore was a 'convicted racketeer,'" the judge ruled, "as he was the executive director of … political action committees that were found liable for fraud, forgery, and racketeering."
Machinists reel in cash for Guide Dogs
The inaugural Salmon Fishing Derby sponsored by Machinists District W24 raised $11,500 for Guide Dogs of America.