March 4, 2005  Volume 106 Number 5

NW lawmakers see problems with Social Security privatization plan
Members of Congress who spent Feb. 21-25 back home meeting with constituents heard an earful about President Bush’s plans to privatize Social Security. Most Democrats held forums specifically on the subject of Social Security, while Republicans, like Eastern Oregon Congressman Greg Walden, tended to sidestep the issue.
Oregon Legislature tackles skyrocketing health care costs
A billboard in Salem greets lawmakers with a challenge: “Health care profits and insurance premiums are soaring. We’re ALL paying the price. Legislators, what are you going to do about it?”

Union workers celebrate Goldschmidt firing
Portland Public Schools human resource chief Steve Goldschmidt was ousted by PPS Superintendent Vicki Phillips Feb. 9, after years of contentious relationships with unions.
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* Portland City Council to consider card-check law
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