Labor headlines from the March 19, 1999, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Nesbitt, Witt announce slate for top posts in AFL-CIO
OPEU's Nesbitt will run for president of the Oregon AFL-CIO and UFCW's Witt will seek re-election as secretary-treasurer.

Restaurant association continues assault on minimum wage

The Oregon Restaurant Association reserved front and back steps at State Capitol for a "rally" that did not exist.

UFCW wants Rite Aid on boycott list

Rite Aid Corp. may soon be on the Oregon AFL-CIO's Do Not Patronize List.

Derfler drops "right-to-work" bill in Senate

Senate Majority Leader Gene Derfler, R-Salem, introduced a bill in the Legislature last week that would eliminate public employee union fair share agreements (whereby non-members make payments in lieu of dues for collective bargaining representation) and repeal a state statute relating to dues checkoff by employers.

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