Labor headlines from the March 1, 2002, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Steelworkers still waiting for Wah Chang contract
Steelworkers have been involved in the labor dispute since Sept. 4, when they were locked out of their jobs after giving five days' notice of their intent to strike.

Boycott leads NORPAC to negotiate with PCUN
Nearly 10 years into a nationwide boycott of its products, Oregon's largest food processing and packaging cooperative has reconsidered its refusal to negotiate with farm workers.

Oregon AFL-CIO to sponsor initiative to outlaw pay for petition signers
The Oregon AFL-CIO Executive Board voted Feb. 17 to proceed with a campaign for a constitutional amendment that would ban so-called "bounty payments" for signatures on initiative petitions.

AFL-CIO's Nesbitt argues against fast-track trade scheme
The U.S. Senate has yet to approve fast track, and any agreement Bush negotiates expanding NAFTA to the entire Western Hemisphere will likely be the subject of ferocious debate in Congress.

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