February 6, 2004  Volume 105 Number 3

California grocery war ignites national campaign
There seems to be no end in sight to the nearly four-month-old supermarket war in Southern California. Left, a Safeway customer cuts up Safeway cards at one of many Portland support demonstrations.

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Portland Jobs With Justice

Farmworkers in Oregon to get meal and rest breaks
For years agricultural workers have been excluded from the right to restroom breaks and meal breaks during their work day. Oregon Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner issued an administrative rule effective Feb. 1 that requires employers to offer meal and rest periods to agricultural workers.

Pueblo Steelworkers to vote on Oregon Steel proposal
Six years, three months and 11 days after 1,000-plus Steelworkers walked off the job in Pueblo, Colorado, their dispute appears to be at an end.
Boydstun Metal Works fires outspoken union supporter
Roger Olson, 30, who worked as a welder at Boydstun Metal Works for four-and-a-half years, alleged he was fired because he supported an unsuccessful year-long union drive by Sheet Metal Workers Local 16. Legally, it can be a challenge to prove anti-union discrimination as a motive.

United Air Comfort shuts down after union wins election
Workers at the Portland unit of United Air Comfort voted last April to join Sheet Metal Workers Local 16. On Dec. 3, 2003, the company closed its doors, not just at its Portland location, but at 33 of its 43 locations around the country.
USPS ordered to halt overuse of temps
Unionized Portland-area Letter Carriers won big on Jan. 19 when an arbitrator ruled that local managers’ decision to make widespread use of temporary casual employees instead of full-time and part-time career employees was a violation of the national contract. Arbitrator Jonathan Monat ordered monetary damages that could go over a half-million dollars.

Portland workers pan State of the Union address
Bush’s speech ended up focusing mostly on terrorism and war, but the top concern at a Portland roundtable discussion was trade and the economy. Workers spoke of a pervasive economic insecurity, despite cheery reports in the media about economic recovery.
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