Labor headlines from the February 2, 2001, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Energy crisis prompts deregulation concern

As each day the public hears more about the unfolding energy crisis caused by California's energy deregulation law, sentiment is growing to jettison or at least delay the beginning of deregulation in Oregon.

Sizemore group files more initiatives

Bill Sizemore's anti-union Oregon Taxpayers United (OTU) has returned with more "paycheck deception" initiatives intent on silencing labor's voice in the political arena by banning the way many unions collect dues.

Union workers bend ears of Wyden, Blumenauer on energy crisis concern

At a meeting with Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenauer Atofina chemical workers appeal for help in averting a job-killing energy crunch that's set to take effect in October.

Tri-Met won't buy Rocky Mountain steel for light rail

The Tri-Met board of directors on Jan. 24 awarded a contract for supplying rail on its new Interstate light rail to Pennsylvania Steel Technologies, rejecting a lower bid from Rocky Mountain Steel Mills of Pueblo, Colo.

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