Labor headlines from the December 3, 1999, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Chief executive officers' pay exploded in 1990s
The average corporate top executive is paid 419 times as much as the average factory worker, up from a ratio of only 42-to-1 in 1980, according to two Washington think tanks.

Machinists help member win back job, overtime pay

An arbitrator's ruling ordered the Freightliner to reinstate Fred Lamb, 52, to his job and pay him all back wages, potential lost overtime pay, and fringe benefits totaling more than $25,000.

Locked-out Kaiser Aluminum workers rally outside BPA office in Portland

More than 100 locked-out Steelworkers from Kaiser Aluminum in Spokane and their allies rallied in front of the Bonneville Power Administration headquarters in Portland Nov. 15 in support of a "Good Corporate Citizenship Clause" to be included in the 2001-2006 rate case for Direct Service Industries.

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