November 5, 2004  Volume 105 Number 21

Bush wins nationally, Kerry takes Oregon and Washington
Helped by a huge union turnout, John Kerry and John Edwards captured Oregon and Washington. However, at press time Nov. 3, it appeared George W. Bush would win the election.

[Left: Senator Ron Wyden cheers early Nov. 2 returns.]

Longview hospital workers settle after one-day strike
About 400 workers at St. John Medical Center here held a one-day strike Oct. 14 calling for their employer to pay more of the cost of family health coverage. Management didn’t change its position on that issue, but two weeks after the strike it moved in the union’s direction on wages and other items, and workers voted Nov. 1 to ratify a new three-year agreement.

The rich increasingly dodge taxes paid by the rest
Reversing decades of progress in the other direction, since 1970 the rich have been getting richer, and the poor, working people and the middle class have been losing ground. Changes in the tax structure are a major reason. The rich pay less than they used to in income taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes and estate taxes, and taxes on working people have gone up.
AT&T dumps one-fifth of its remaining workforce
In Portland and elsewhere, AT&T is shriveling. In a press statement, AT&T said it will have reduced its workforce by more than one-fifth by the end of this year. That includes 2,000 union jobs lost, says CWA.

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