Labor headlines from the October 5, 2001, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Fed's airline bailout bill leaves workers behind

The national AFL-CIO said the airline bailout bill Congress passed Sept. 21 helped the airlines, but not their workers.

Skyrocketing health care costs impact bargaining

U.S. health care costs have been rising dramatically for well over a decade, but in the last year they've skyrocketed, and dealing with the increases has become the number one source of conflict in union contract negotiations.

Building Trades Council girds for fight against initiative to kill prevailing wage

Delegates to the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council's 40th annual convention okayed a special one-year assessment of $2 per member per month to fund Oregonians To Maintain Community Standards.

Freightliner says Portland plant will close if concessions not met

Union workers at Portland Freightliner Corp. voted this week on whether or not to accept wage and benefits cuts as its parent company, Germany-based DaimlerChrysler, considers closing plants throughout North America.

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