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Labor headlines from the October 4, 2002, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Jury agrees that Sizemore's OTU groups engaged in racketeering
On Sept. 27 a Multnomah County Circuit Court jury of 15 announced its verdict: A set of groups created by union foe Bill Sizemore "engaged in a pattern of criminal activity" to place two anti-union initiatives on the ballot in 1998, and would have to pay $842,000 in damages to the Oregon's two largest teachers unions.

Shippers lock out ILWU

The Pacific Maritime Association has imposed an indefinite lockout of West Coast dockworkers represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

Oregon AFL-CIO opposes health care for all measure

As the Nov. 5 mail election approaches, leaders of the Oregon AFL-CIO find themselves in the odd position of wanting universal health care, but opposing an Oregon ballot measure that would set up such a system.

'Labor's Own' endorsements include four rank-and-filers

The Northwest Labor Press' "Labor's Own" series concludes with this set of short sketches of union members running for office.

Alliance for Retired Americans mobilizes in Portland area

They're 2.7 million strong and they're determined to make an impact on the 2002 election. And if past voting patterns are any indication, that's what the labor-backed Alliance for Retired Americans will achieve.

AFSCME looking for former members to form retirees' club

Coordinating the new effort is Michael Arken, recently retired from the City of Portland Water Bureau.

Willamette Valley grocery talks stalled

A federal mediator has been brought in to attempt to settle a labor dispute between grocers in the Mid-Willamette Valley and members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555.

HERE Local 9 re-elects Richardson, Gonzalez

Richardson defeated challenger Kit Wong.

Women rally for Bradbury, blast Smith TV attack ad

To denounce a television ad aired by U.S. Senator Gordon Smith, female labor leaders joined women elected officials and leaders of local women's rights organizations at a noon rally in the downtown Portland Park Blocks Sept. 19.

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