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October 3, 2003  Volume 104 Number 19
Immigrant workers board bus to D.C. to win civil rights
The bus pulled out of the Northwest Oregon Labor Council parking lot in Southeast Portland Tuesday morning, Sept. 23, bearing 42 immigrants and allies on a 3,000-mile trip to Washington, D.C. ... MORE

Managers worsening Multnomah County chaos
Union leaders say managers pushing through a concept called ‘shared services,’ at a time of budget crisis, is affecting morale among county workers.

Congress considers bills to accelerate thinning of forests
Catastrophic forest fires erupting year after year in the Western United States have sparked a variety of bills in Congress to accelerate forest thinning. Whatever passes is likely to be the most significant tinkering with federal forest policy since President Bill Clinton’s Northwest Forest Plan curtailed logging on federal land in the early 1990, and unions that represent workers in forest product industries have a lot at stake.

Kaiser Permanente gets high marks on quality of care report
Labor-management cooperation language written into a five-year contract with several unions at Kaiser Permanente has been partially credited for high marks the health care group received on a report card tracking quality of health care.

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