Labor headlines from the October 1, 1999, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Organizing a top priority for Nesbitt, Witt
Newly-elected president of Oregon AFL-CIO says labor is ready for the challenge

Per-cap increase will fund campaigns to fight Sizemore's anti-union initiatives

A special per-capita tax assessment to fight "right-to-work (for less)" and other union-busting political activities was approved by delegates at the 44th annual convention of the Oregon AFL-CIO.

Resolutions map out AFL-CIO agenda

Nearly three dozen resolutions were passed at the 44th annual convention of the Oregon AFL-CIO, many of them outlining political action labor will take in 2000.

Leonard says time might be ripe for Democratic Labor Party

State Representative Randy Leonard, former president of Portland Fire Fighters Local 43, suggested that now might be the time to form a Democratic Labor Party.

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