Labor headlines from the January 3, 2003, edition of the Northwest Labor Press

Health care reform tops labor's legislative agenda
The Oregon AFL-CIO Executive Board identified two short-term reforms that it feels would be most effective in reducing and controlling health care costs for insured workers.

Oregon AFL-CIO wants Indian gambling casinos to be built and operated union

AFL-CIO President Tim Nesbitt expressed concern about the impact on workers if tribal casinos are allowed to expand without changing the tribes' exemption from wage and hour laws and laws governing the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively.

IBEW taps Edwards for District 9 post; Zadow new BM

Keith Edwards, business manager of Portland Electrical Workers Local 48, has been appointed an international representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 9th District by President Edwin Hill. He succeeds Bob Brownie, who is retiring.

IBEW's Gardner puts 'labor' back into labor commissioner's office

During his eight-year tenure, Roberts tried to eliminate the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), going so far as introducing a bill in the 2001 session of the Legislature to have it folded into the Department of Business and Consumer Services.

Metropolitan Alliance pushes for 'responsible contracting' in housing

A six-month campaign by several unions and community organizations to increase construction of affordable housing by responsible contractors may be close to a result.

Analysis: Failure of Measure 28 will hurt economy

According to a report by the Oregon Center for Public Policy, Oregon's economy will lose $1.5 billion over the next two and one-half years if Measure 28 fails.

Boydstun Metal Works fires union supporter, father of 11

Leaders of Portland-based Sheet Metal Workers Local 16, who've been waging an organizing drive since May 2002, say it's plain that Ivan Tkatch was fired for his support of the union campaign.

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