January 16, 2004  Volume 105 Number 2
Labor movement urges ÇyesÁ vote on BM 30
Oregon’s labor movement has enlisted in the uphill battle to support Measure 30, the Feb. 3 referendum in which voters will decide whether to approve the State Legislature’s revenue package. Left, volunteers at a Feb. 12 union phone bank.... MORE

Plumbers object to Çwaterless urinalsÁ
A pilot project by the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation using “waterless urinals” has leaders of the Plumbers Union agitated.

ChildrenÁs charities get B.U.L.L. Session gift of $300k
For 10 Oregon children’s charities, 2004 started off in grand way. The local charities shared in a $300,000 donation from the B.U.L.L. Session Golf Tournament.
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