Unions are about magnifying worker power — and that includes buying power. In the Buy Union section, we report on union-made products and services — as well as goods made by unfair and abusive employers.

Shop for union-made goods this holiday season — and year-round!

Nov 19, 2010

Buying union is about voting with your dollars to support enterprises that pay fellow workers a living wage with benefits. The AFL-CIO has designated the 10 days following Thanksgiving as Buy Union Week. To make that easier, the Labor Press has come up with 10 “Buy Union” gift ideas.

Union-made Halloween candy

Oct 15, 2010

Want to buy union-made Halloween candy this year? Stick to products made by Ghirardelli, Tootsie Roll Industries, Jelly Belly, and NECCO. Those are the only reliably union-made national brand Halloween candies.

Union label rare at Starbucks

Jun 4, 2004

At the 5,647 coffee shops owned by Starbucks Corporation in the United States, not a single employee is represented by a union.

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