June 4, 2010 Volume 111 Number 11

Reliant Elevator acquired by Kone

Kone Elevators and Escalators has acquired Reliant Elevator Co., the largest independent union elevator service company in Oregon.

Both companies are signatory with Elevator Constructors Local 23.

Reliant is a 15-person shop located in Southeast Portland. It services more than 1,200 elevators and lifts from Corvallis to Longview.

Kone is a worldwide company with a shop at 4265 SE International Way S. Milwaukie, Oregon. The company employs two dozen elevator constructors.

Local 23 Business Manager Frank Regalado doesn’t anticipate any layoffs from the acquisition right away. “But it’s always a concern down the road,” he said.

The buyout does, however, leave only one independent elevator company remaining in Oregon.

Regalado said the loss of an independent company shifts more power to the four major elevator companies that essentially control the industry.

“The independents give us some relief at contract time,” Regalado said.

Local 23 covers both elevator maintenance and construction workers. It represents approximately 250 workers statewide.

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