December 18, 2009 Volume 110 Number 24

Shop union this holiday season

If you’re planning a holiday meal or party this year, don’t forget to look for the union label on food and produce that you buy, and purchase goods at unionized stores.

Grocery, meat and in-store bakeries are unionized at most Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Haggens, and QFC stores. (See the list of bakeries in the photo caption right.)

Additionally, Naps Thriftway in Newburg has unionized clerks and meat cutters, while Roth’s Family Markets and Wizer’s stores have unionized meat departments.

Other unionized meat markets include: Gartners Country Meats in Portland, M&M Inc. in Dallas, Oregon, Jack’s Family Market in Salem, Rick’s Food Market in Jefferson, Rudy’s Newport Avenue Market in Bend, Long’s Meat Market in Eugene, and the Red Apple Market in St. Helens.

Grocery clerks and meat cutters at these stores are members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555. In-store bakery workers are members of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Local 114.

What to buy

Baked goods from Oroweat, Franz, Williams, Fred Meyer Clackamas Bakery, and Safeway Clackamas Bread Plant are made by members of Bakers Local 114.

Teamsters and Operating Engineers represent workers at Tillamook County Creamery, where some of the best cheese in the world is produced.

Teamsters also represent workers at Darigold, Umpqua, Franz Bakery, and Bimbo.

Foster Farms produces poultry at plants in Corvallis, Oregon, and Kelso, Washington, and Hill Meat Co. in Pendleton produces fresh and smoked pork products that can be purchased at local grocers. Workers at all these plants are represented by UFCW Local 555.

Candy/stocking stuffers: Hershey’s; Jolly Rancher; Pot of Gold chocolates; Ovation mint sticks; Fifth Avenue; Zagnut; York Peppermint Patties; Nestlé Treasures; Russell Stover Candies; Laffy Taffy; Baby Ruth; Butterfinger; BB’s and Pearson’s Nips; Jelly Bellies; Chocolate Dutch Mints; Chocolate Temptations; Dimples; Sweet Temptations; Herman Goelitz malted milk balls and licorice; NECCO Wafers; Mary Jane Peanut Butter Chews; Sky Bar; Thin Mints; Bolster Bar; Masterpieces and Clark Bar; See’s Famous Old Time Candies; Frito-Lay chips and snacks; Orville Redenbacher popcorn; Kraft snack products; Godiva chocolates; Coastal Berry Co. fruit and nuts; Montpelier Almonds; Sunkist citrus fruit; Sunworld citrus fruit; Maui Pineapple Co.; Ghirardelli chocolates; Brown & Halley candies; Corn Nuts; Franz Cookies (made in McMinnville, Oregon by members of Bakers Local 364), all Nabisco products, Hostess, Entenmanns, and Kellogg-General Mills cereals.

Liquor: 4 Roses Bourbon; After Shock; Amar Di Amore; De Sabroso; Bakers; Baronof; Barren Vonschoter; Barton; Basil Hayden; Beam; Bellows; Benchmark; Blanton’s; Brigadier; Budweiser; Bush Pilot; Cactus Juice; Calvert; Calypso Dark Rum; Canada House; Canadian Barclay; Canadian Hunter; Captain Gold Tequila; Captain Morgan; Carribean; Chi Chi; Coronet; Crystal Palace; Dekuyper; Dubonet; Fleischmann’s; Gilbey’s; Godiva; Grand Dad Bourbon; Imperial Blend; Jim Beam; Kamachatka; Kentucky Gentlemen; Knob Creek; Labatt’s Blue; McNaughton; Molson; Moosehead; Mr. Boston; Old Crow; Pallo Viejo; Parrot Bay; Ron Rico; Royal Club Blend; Sazerac Bourbon; Schenely; Seagram’s; VO; Wild Turkey; Windsor; Wolschmidt.

Coffee/Tea: Kivu bulk beans in Fred Meyer stores are roasted by members of Portland-based Bakers Local 114; Boyd, USA, Melitta, Maxwell House, Peerless, Superior coffees; Tetley Tea, Mr. & Mrs. Tea, S.S. Pierce Teas, Great Value, Best Choice, Darj Green.

Roses: Armstrong, Jackson and Perkins (J&P), Meilland Star.

The Northwest Labor Press has compiled a list of Web sites that promote union-made and American made products. It is by no means an all-inclusive list, but it does offer products made by members of both the AFL-CIO and Change to Win labor federations.

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