July 18, 2008 Volume 109 Number 13

PDC elects John Mohlis secretary

John Mohlis will serve as secretary of the Portland Development Commission for the next year, and Charles Wilhoite will serve as chair. The two were elected July 9 — at the last meeting of Chair Mark Rosenbaum and Secretary Sal Kadri.

Rosenbaum has headed the agency’s five-member volunteer commission since July 11, 2006. He was appointed to the PDC in 2005 by Portland Mayor Tom Potter. He did not seek reappointment to a second three-year term.

Mohlis, executive secretary of the Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council, was appointed to the commission by Potter in January 2007. He succeeds Kadri as secretary, which is second in the chain of command on the board. Kadri has served on the commission since June 2005. He also did not seek reappointment.

Wilhoite’s term as a Commissioner began in August 2006.

Commissioners are appointed by the mayor, but must be confirmed by the City Council. Potter did not run for re-election and will finish up his only term in office at the end of 2008. He still has the authority to nominate new board members, but because he will not be involved, he is allowing Mayor-elect Sam Adams to make the selections. Adams is a city commissioner.

Adams is currently taking applications from persons interested in serving on the PDC. Until he selects new commissioners, the board will conduct business with only three commissioners. The third person on the PDC board is Bertha Ferran. She has served since Feb. 1, 2005.

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